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Loving Hearts Foundation for Africa (LHFA) is a gospel-driven American nonprofit organization whose effort focuses on transforming the communities of
Zirobwe, Uganda, helping them utilize their resources to sustain themselves as
individuals, families, and communities by partnering with the Uganda non profit
organization, Loving Hearts Foundation Ltd. (LHFL).
Most rural Ugandans work in farming at subsistence levels, struggling to grow
enough food to feed their families, rarely having a surplus to sell for income that
could provide for other necessities like clothing and healthcare. We know from
history that when poverty overtakes a village, spiritual and social decay follow.
These children are among the most poverty-stricken in the world and are in
desperate need of access to education that will enable them to escape the cycle
of poverty. Despite the fact that public education is compulsory and tuition-free
for 6-13 year olds, many children in these rural areas cannot walk the long
distances to the nearest school, nor can the families afford the required school
supplies, uniforms, and testing fees not supplied by the government.
Uganda has one of the highest elementary school dropout rates in the world. In
2016, nearly two-thirds (65%) of all elementary school students dropped out
before completion. (2020 World Education Services One report
by Unicef identified poverty, a lack of nearby schools, inadequate and
overcrowded learning facilities as the most critical drivers of the high dropout
rate. LHFA’s goal is to enable them to get out of this downward cycle, remove
the despair, and give them hope for their future.


LHFA was founded after Mike Noland and Karsten Mickelson visited Uganda,
spending 10 days in May/June of 2019. They saw the dire situation that was in
Zirobwe sub county. There was one primary school, Good Hope School, that
served 3 villages.
It was an open structure with a rusted, broken metal roof, dirt floors, no
electricity, no running water, inadequate sanitation, and usually had no food for
the children’s lunches. The school was run by two volunteer teachers, serving
the 85 young children that were able to walk the distance to attend. Mike and
Karsten returned to the United States determined to help these children and the


Our partners in Uganda, Uganda, Loving Hearts Foundation Ltd.(LHFL) was
established in 2019 to be the “the boots on the ground”, having members on the
Board of Directors from both Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, and Zirobwe
sub county, and are familiar with the needs and the culture, and language.
We, LHFA, have partnered with LHFL to restore this rural, poverty-stricken area,
which includes several nearby communities and villages. The original school
shelter was reinforced, reroofed, and a thin concrete floor was placed. Next to
the existing school a larger, brick structure was built, complete with two
classrooms, concrete floors, chair/desks, chalkboards, and a school office. We
have even had some soccer goals, netball hoops and swings installed on the
playground, and provided jump ropes so the children can play and engage in
sports activities.
The simple latrine outhouse was first upgraded, then, in order to accomodate
the enlarging student population, a new latrine was built with a six-stall septic
system. A new kitchen was also constructed that houses an efficient wood
burning stove, with four cooking areas. As more students enrolled, cooks were
hired for the daily food preparation, more certified teachers were hired, with
wages paid by LHFA, the village, and by the Uganda Ministry of Education.
Many parents now volunteer to help clean and maintain the school grounds,
fetch water, gather firewood, and assist with the daily needs of operating the
Along with all these projects, the community also desperately needed a new
borehole well to be drilled and installed, as their only water source had dried up
and was rendered useless. LHFA raised enough funds to drill and build a
commercial sized well, able to supply ample clean water for the communities for
many years.
We have purchased a 5 acre parcel of land and have been using it to grow crops
and teach the villagers successful farming techniques. The crops, once
harvested and processed (dried, shelled, milled into flour, bagged) have been
used to feed the families in the communities during the 2 year covid lock-down,
and now that schools are operating, provide for the two school meals every
school day for the students and staff.
The village church meets on Sundays and uses the school building as well, with
the assistance of a pastor from Kampala and the willingness of some villagers to
serve in that capacity.
LHFA continues to drive forward in fulfilling the vision of social, educational, and
spiritual renewal for this area in rural Uganda. Through education, learning selfsustaining life skills utilizing the land, working cooperatively with each other, and
establishing a Biblical foundation, LHFA is empowering these communities to
positively contribute to their villages and to their society at large.