Loving Hearts Foundation for Africa (LHFA) is a gospel-driven organization whose effort
focuses on transforming communities in Uganda that have insufficient resources to
sustain themselves.

Over 60% of Uganda’s workforce are employed in agriculture, cultivating corn, beans, tea and coffee; however, most farmers work at the subsistence level, struggling to grow enough food to feed their families, rarely having surplus food to sell for income that can provide for other necessities like clothing and healthcare.

The people are in need of social and spiritual renewal, as many have been devastated by the trauma of their country’s horrific war-time experiences. Children are in desperate need of access to education that will enable them to escape the cycle of poverty.

Many children in the rural areas cannot walk the long distances to the nearest school and many families cannot afford the required school supplies, testing fees, and uniforms.



LHFA was founded after Mike Noland and Karsten Mickelson visited Uganda, spending 10 days in May/June of 2019. They saw the dire situation that was in Zirobwe sub county. There was one primary school, Good Hope School, that served 3 villages.

It was an open structure with a rusted, broken metal roof, dirt floors, no electricity, no running water, inadequate sanitation and usually had no food for the children’s lunches. The school was run by 2 volunteer teachers, serving the 85 young children that were able to walk the distance to attend. Mike and Karsten returned to the United States determined to help these children and the community.



In Uganda, Loving Hearts Foundation Ltd. (LHFL) has been established to be “the boots on the ground”, being familiar with the needs, laws, and culture. The members of Uganda’s Board of Directors have experience in teaching, mentoring, establishing and operating new schools, and accounting.

We, LHFA, are partnering with LHFL to restore these rural, poverty-stricken communities. This will occur by purchasing land for the construction and operation of an accessible school, which will provide the needed education, as well as for the farming of self-sustaining food crops and income.

As a team, we will also provide for a benevolence fund, support for the local church body, establish long-term relationships, and disciple the people using the teachings of Jesus. By working together, we can help this community overcome the cycle of illiteracy, poverty, and hopelessness.



Although it has been little over a year since Mike and Karsten’s trip to Uganda, several
fundraising campaigns from the United States have already met immediate needs in
the community.

• The school shelter, although still temporary, was structurally reinforced, new metal
roofing applied and secured. Latrines were built.
• The volunteer teachers received curriculum books as teaching material.
• All students received workbooks, uniforms and sandals.
• A lunch program was started, so the children now have lunches served regularly.
• Two large emergency food deliveries were made to supplement the community’s
diminished food supply during the COVID lockdown, distributing enough maize and
beans to feed over 70 families for a month from each delivery.
• A 5 acre parcel of land has been purchased. A new, safe, and secure school
building will be built here, and the rest of the land will be used for farming.
• Crops have already been planted on this land by the people in the community, as
they begin to sustain themselves and provide food for their families.
• The Uganda Board has established trustworthy relationships with the community
elders/leaders, who are equally anticipating vast overall improvements in
sustainability for their people from these interventions.
The Loving Hearts Foundations are continuing to work together to bring hope and
purpose to the people in these communities. As we move forward toward a future in
which they, their children, and future generations will thrive, we are currently focusing
on the following projects:
• Drilling to access the water table.
• Accessing the community’s power source to bring electricity to the land.
• The purchase of a brick-making machine, as bricks will be the major building
material used.
• Beginning the school building’s construction.
• Obtaining the funding for the school’s operational costs in the future.
• Obtaining the funding for the benevolence fund.
• Supporting the local church, and helping to disciple the people.
• Establishing long-term relationships with the people in the community.

We will update our project list as the work develops and needs arise. Please visit again
to learn more about the school, the community, ways to give or volunteer, and ways to
invite others to share this cause. With your help, we can give these people the bright
future they deserve.

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